The Swedish Republican Association

Short facts and standpoints in English.

The Swedish Republican Association is a politically and religiously independent association that promotes the introduction of a republic government by democratic means. It was founded in 1997. As of June 2020, it has 9 200 paying members. Ulf Bergström (social democrat) currently serves as the organisation’s chairperson.

The Swedish Republican Association wants to see a democratic form of government in Sweden. It shall be done according to democratic principals and in coherence with the regulations of the Swedish constitution. The republic form of government shall be democratic and independent from political and religious ideologies.

The head of state enjoys the most important official position in Sweden and is the highest formal representative of the state. In a monarchy the monarch becomes head of state because of his or her ancestry. The monarch is in principle legally irresponsible and retains his or her office for life. As a consequence personal and public power is indivisibly fused. The monarch cannot be impeached. The monarch cannot be removed from office without a change in the constitution. Hence, the monarchy is incompatible with democratic principles and a disgrace to a democratic society.

The individuals who are born into the royal family and possess the right to the throne are denied the foundational right to govern their own lives. From their first breath they are assigned an existence in the relentless scrutiny of the public eye. They are obligated by the constitution to believe in God in accordance with the »pure evangelical faith«. The first born of each generation is predestined to one day become the head of state and stay in that office until his or her death. Such an arrangement is irreconcilable with human rights.

The head of state should be appointed in accordance with democratic proceedings and be based on qualifications. This is valid if the head of state has a more formal role, as well as if he or she will enjoy direct political power.

The monarchy also affects the public debate and discussion in an obvious way and divert the attention from the results of the democratic decision making process, which is important for everyone in a democratic society. It fosters a sense of fawning and submissive behaviour among the public decision-makers before this obsolete institution; a behaviour far from what should be expected from the democratically elected representatives. There is an antiquated myth of noble blood incorporated in the idea of monarchy. This can affect opinions also in other contexts.

On a global level, the republic is the dominant form of government and is held as self-evident in most of the nations outside Europe. Most of the people in the world are citizens in nations with a republic form of government. Sweden is also moving fast, from an economic and social point of view, towards an international integration where the republic form of government stands out as the natural point of departure for a modern constitution in the cooperation with other countries.

The Swedish head of state shall be elected either indirectly by the Riksdag (parliament) or directly by the people. A form of government that does not include a head of state, or in which the functions of a head of state is tied to an existing office, can also be employed. These questions and all further practical and legal issues will be subjected to commissions and discussed according to customary procedures before altering the form of government.

The necessary constitutional adjustments needed for introducing the republic shall be submitted to the Swedish people in a legislative referendum that shall be preceded by a broad and public debate.

If you want to get in contact with the Swedish Republican Association, you can send an e-mail to, or call or text us at +46 768 717722.

To send regular mail the address is:
Republikanska föreningen
Helga Lekamens gränd 1 A
S-111 27 Stockholm

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